Bushiri releases K16 billion for construction of ECG churches worldwide


The Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church on Sunday announced the release of $20 million (K16.4 billion) meant for construction of ECG churches across the 73 countries where the church has branches.

The church’s leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri made the announcement on Sunday night during a special policy direction address meant to guide how the church will be administered in 2022-2023 financial calendar.

Bushiri said the church has put a target for each and every ECG Church branch pastors to invent new ideas that must bring success to their own ECG Church branches in their regions in winning more people to Jesus Christ our Lord.

“All ECG Church Branch pastors will construct their own building structures, hence, they will be presenting their church building projects to the ECG Church Headquarters for approval to be allocated the part of the fund $20 million as a loan which the branches will be refunding back in an estimated period,” he said.

Bushiri added that the church leadership has made the move to ensure that all ECG churches across the world are modern and help to contribute to infrastructure development of their countries.

He further said that all the church pastors must submit plans that do not just stop at constructing prayer houses; but they should also include construction of schools and hospitals as part of their projects to help improve delivery of social services in their areas.

Beside the fund, Bushiri also took the moment to advise all ECG Pastors across the world to refrain from taking part in partisan politics.

He told them that ECG Church understands and submit to the principles that the church and state complement each other in serving the people, as such, they should preach beyond the pulpit.

Malawi24 could not independently verify how credible the claims Bushiri is making are.

However, the Malawian born prophet is currently fighting extradition to South Africa with his alleged partner in crime, Mrs Mary Bushiri. The couple is facing alleged money laundering, fraud and corruption charges.