First Malawian tests positive for dangerous Covid-19 variant in Israel


A person who travelled from Malawi to Israel has tested positive for the Covid-19 variant first discovered in South Africa.

The traveller has tested positive in Israel and is that country’s first confirmed case of the dangerous Covid-19 variant.

“The person was vaccinated and recently travelled to Israel from Malawi,” Israel Army Radio reported.

On Thursday, South Africa identified a concerning new coronavirus variant with mutations. The discovery followed an increase in infections in South Africa’s economic hub surrounding Johannesburg. About 22 cases of the new variant have been recorded in South Africa so far, according to New York Times.

Britain has since banned travellers from South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Israel and Singapore have also issued bans against travellers from South Africa.

Meanwhile, health authorities in Malawi have warned people in the country to be on high alert for an impending fourth wave of Covid-19.

“There is usually a four-week window period from the time South Africa records an increase in numbers of Covid-19 cases to the time Malawi follows suit with Blantyre being hardest hit,” said Director of Health and Social Services for Blantyre Dr Gift Kawalazira.

He then urged residents use the four-week window to get vaccinated in order o build their immunity against Covid-19 before it is too late.