Mkatimo visuals! The reviews are in: trash of a music video


Malawians have trashed visuals for Mkatimo visuals, barely a week after yhe video landed on different media platforms.

The song which was done by Martse and features hip-hop legends Hyphen and Barry one was tipped to have catchy visuals, but the receiving end thinks otherwise.

The critics believe the video and song concepts are in tandem. They are also of the view that the video has scored low marks on the production part.

“Bad lighting, bad script…not captivating in general,” said Twitter user identified as Inkosi

Samuel Lungu said the video leaves alot to be desired hence he did not finish watching it. He retweeted, “Didn’t finish it lol.”

Another Twitter user identified as King Mez said the video should be redone. He also retweeted, “1:10 I couldn’t go on, they should try again ”

The video has registered less than 9000 views on YouTube despite involving Malawi’s hip hop heavyweights. However Mkatimo is one of the noisy urban songs at the moment.

Perhaps, the audience expected great visuals for the song given its position in urban music circles. The song has close to 90, 000 downloads.