Reverend accused of leaking exam papers to girlfriend at Anglican training centre


Management of Chilema Ecumenical Training and Conference Centre (CETCC) at Malosa in Zomba was forced to re-administer  examinations after a Reverend at the training centre leaked exam papers to a girlfriend.

On Wednesday, a lady student at the institution who is alleged to be in love affair with one official at the school was found in possession of already printed exam papers.

According to some female students who spoke on condition of anonymity, the woman was given exam papers by one Reverend before examination day so that she should pass with flying colours.

However, the lady was caught with the exam papers and revealed everything after being interrogated by fellow students as to where she got the examination papers.

Organising Youth Secretary for Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire Godfrey Kumbanga also confirmed, saying a Reverend was mentioned by a married female student at Chilema Training Centre who said she is in love affair with the Reverend.

“Let me confirm that it is true that the Reverend has been mentioned by the married woman that she is in love affair with him and he gave her examination papers to go through before the actual examination day,” said Kumbanga.

Kumbanga added that this prompted the management to have a meeting regarding the future of the issue where they agreed that there should be fresh exam papers for the students to write.

“The management in attendance of Rev. Canon Hopeson Jailosi, Rev. Fr. Ntwana and Rev. Fr. Kamtondo among others agreed to print different exam papers for the students,” he added.

Malawi24 tried to contact the centre’s executive director Rev. Fr. Jailosi for comment but his number was out of reach.

In his remarks, Spokesperson for Petitioners in the diocese John Ajilejensanyira Awadi expressed worry over the increased incidents in in the diocese where women are harassed by clergy.

Awadi said Anglican clergy under the leadership of Bishop Malasa have turned the institutions into areas where demons can play their games.

Awadi added that people should now believe that what petitioners complain and demand is really genuine.

“What we have been complaining and demanding about Bishop Malasa’s leadership can now be realised by everyone. It’s now time to change the leadership,” said Awadi.

Diocesan Petitioners in the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire have been demanding resignation of Bishop Malasa.

Chilema Ecumenical Training and Conference Centre (CETCC) is being run jointly by Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire and Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Blantyre Synod.

Some officials from Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire are allegedly on record to have been in love affairs with women who take different studies at the Training Centre so that they women should be favoured.