MACRA warns against producing, sharing pornographic materials


The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has warned the general public against production and sharing of pornographic materials.

In a press statement, MACRA Acting Director General Henry Silika said that it is against the laws of the country to possess, distribute and transmit pornographic material an act which is said to be rampant in the country.

Silika added that Malawians should always remember that while exercising their freedom of online communication, they should be mindful of the laws governing such communication which also punishable.

The acting Director General has since warned that anyone violating these communication laws is liable to 15 years imprisonment or a K10,000,000 (Ten Million Kwacha) fine.

“The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) would like to warn the general public that it is against the law to possess, distribute and transmit pornographic material in the country.

“These laws include the Electronic Transactions and Cyber Security Act, 2016, specifically section 24 (2) and section 85. MACRA is urging the general public to desist from engaging in these prohibited acts or risk prosecution,” said Silika in a statement.

The communication regulator has also told the public to desist from possessing child pornographic material in a computer system or on any data storage medium claiming it is punishable.

It is reported that the Communications Act provides that a criminal offence of child pornography is committed if a person depicts, presents or represents a person under the age of eighteen engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

The public has further been encouraged to report to the nearest Police station any person who is engaged in such acts.