Protesters storm court as suspected rapist pleads not guilty


Protesters invaded the Lilongwe Magistrate’s today where suspected rapist Stuart Kalungama appeared before court as he is being accused of raping his nine-year-old step-daughter.

The protesters, mostly women, are demanding stiff punishment for the suspect who was arrested earlier this week.

Reports show that Kalungama had been raping the child for several months.

Protesters at the court

In court today, he pleaded not guilty to the charge of defilement. He then asked for bail through his lawyer Edward Chagalamuka.

The state, however, requested that he should not be granted bail saying he would interfere with the child since he is her stepdaughter and they also live in the same house.

The state also argued that bail for Kalungama would protect him as he could be harmed by people who have been angered by the reports of the rape.

Lilongwe chief resident magistrate Patrick Chirwa in his ruling denied bail to Stuart Kalungama. Hearing of the case has since been adjourned to 15th March.


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  1. Azipita kundende ameneyo akagwile pang’ono den akazindikila kt zomwe amkachitaxo ndizolakwika. Ana asatana Chakwela akuchulukila dziko muno

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