Three truck drivers arrested over fake COVID-19 certificates


Three truck drivers been arrested at Mwanza border post for presenting COVID-19 negative certificates suspected to have been obtained fraudulently.

Confirming the development was Mwanza border public relations officer Inspector Pasqually Zulu who identified the three suspects as Hamisi Omega Amasi, Jumah Taimu Linje and Chaiswa Manyozo.

Inspector Zulu said the three truck drivers who were on their way to Zimbabwe, were first detained on Friday morning, February 5, 2021 after they produced government general receipts and certificates showing their COVID-19 status as negative.

Fake certificate

It is reported that as clearance process was underway, authorities at the border post were suspicious that the general receipts and the certificates were fake and they detained the trio to pave way for some investigation.

The receipts indicated that the trio got tested for COVID-19 at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, however QECH Director Dr Samson Mndolo said those certificates did not originate from their hospital.

The publicist further attributed that after some further verification, it was revealed that the certificates were really fake a development which saw border authorities handing over the three to Mwanza police.

“As per government Covid-19 gazette of 2021 directive, we thought it wise to verify the certificates of these drivers before being stamped out, timely call was made to our Mwanza D.H.O on the authenticity of these Covid-19 negative certificate, after several consultations on the same it was proved that the certificates were fake.

“Minister of Health is the one who advised us to detain these 3 drivers upon being saddened by the syndicate and now these three truck drivers have been handed over to our counterparts at Mwanza Police Station where other legal proceedings will be done in-line with the new Covid-19 gazette,” said Zulu.

Meanwhile, Minister of health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda has ordered thoroughly investigation into the matter to establish who is involved in this syndicate.