Three arrested over murder in Nkhata Bay


By Topson Banda

Police in Nkhata Bay have arrested three people suspected to have assaulted to death a man identified as Kuwachi Banda over misunderstandings that started at a drinking joint at Chimbere area in the district on December 27, 2020.

The suspects have been identified as Emmanuel Banda aged 24 of Kapekenya Village, Hanock Nkhoma aged 27 of Kamanganjulu Village and William Nyirenda aged 46 of Katongo Village all from T/A Malanda in Nkhata Bay District.

According to Nkhata Bay Police publicist Kondawani James, it all started with a young man named Alamu Vijayi of Loti Village in Manenje area who on December 26, 2020 went to Katongo Village in Majiti area to drink beer.

Whilst at the drinking place, a quarrel erupted between Vijayi and a certain crew of men who were at the same drinking place.

In the course of fighting, Vijayi overpowered his opponents who eventually fled from the place.

Thereafter, Vijayi perceived that the battle was over which was contrary to the opponents.

A day later, Vijayi went to the same pub as it was his usual chill point. Whilst there, he got a tip that the people he fought previous day were planning for an immediate revenge.

Upon hearing this, Vijayi fled to his village. The gang of his opponents mobilized themselves and followed him to his village where they violently conducted search in most of the houses in the village for him.

As the gang reached the house of Kuwachi Banda, they found a boy who they violently beat up for no apparent reason. Upon hearing his son crying, Banda rushed to find out what had happened to him. Just as Banda came out of the house he was heavily assaulted by the gang.

Immediately after receiving reports, police officers rushed to the scene where they successfully contained the situation and took the victim to Nkhata Bay District Hospital.

Banda passed on few hours later whilst receiving treatment at the hospital.

According to autopsy done at the hospital, the victim died due internal bleeding.

Investigations were immediately instituted which led to the arrest of the three suspects, and they will appear in court soon.

Kuwachi (age not yet advised) hailed from Loti Village in the area of TA Malanda in Nkhata Bay District.

Police in the district have since urged members of the community to provide tips that may help in apprehending the remaining suspects.