Chakwera is the president we had been waiting for – Chilima


Vice president Dr Saulos Chilima has spoken highly of the president of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera, claiming that he is the leader Malawians had been waiting for.

He was speaking during his public lecture held on Friday at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe where the president was in attendance.

He said Malawians have the president they wanted and what is needed is to give the president support to fulfil his vision for the country.


He also urged Malawians to do away with stupid politics and gave the example of the obsession with the 2025 elections saying it has led to continuous campaigns instead of people shifting their focus to development.

Another habit Chilima condemned is the behaviour of clapping hands for people who steal public resources.

“We need to stop glorifying thieves and engaging in politics of stupidity, we need to do with the way we worship our leaders. There is no reason to worship a human being. Respect them but also correct them when they are wrong,” said Chilima.

Chilima also advised political leaders to stop spending taxpayers money on petty issue like opening of small projects, saying they should delegate roles to their juniors.

“We can’t have a president opening a 2 kilometre road,” said Chilima.

During the public lecture, Chilima condemned the rise in sexual abuse of women and girls and cases of gender based violence. He said women are suffering because of foolish men who are cowards and afraid of beating their fellow men.

Speaking after the lecture, President Lazarus Chakwera commended Chilima for the message on mindset change saying the message is timely and also desperately needed.

He added that the mindset change of those who govern should be accompanied by radical change of mindset by the citizenry.

He said: “This initiative is one of conscientising this nation about a new way of thinking without which the task of building a new Malawi may not be done.”