Community members clean Thyolo Hospital surroundings


A group of community members on Friday voluntarily embarked on a  cleaning exercise at Thyolo district hospital as a way of taking their responsibility in as far as hygiene and sanitation is concerned.

The community started with the clearing of bushes around the borehole at the hospital which is also used by the community.

In an interview, the district health promotion officer Fanuel Makina said the cleaning and clearing of the borehole environment was done by members of the general Community including guardians and some people voluntarily rendered their hands in the initiative.

Thyolo hospital surroundings

Makina appreciated the good gesture by the community saying government alone cannot manage to look after each and every needs at the hospital and therefore, communities too should take responsibility.

“Community engagement is a core to development. Government alone cannot manage it all. Let’s  work together, let’s involve members of the general Community in our initiatives if we are to succeed in our endeavours.

“Almost  parts of a hospital environment is hazardous to the patients, guardians, service providers, and everyone who visits the hospital. So guardians should take an initiative of making sure that they are living in a health and safe environment because they are prone to the dangerous environment. And community involvement is key to addressing some challenges we face. This enhances sense of  ownership  and responsibility,” said Makina.

Meanwhile, as the Cholera season starts this November,  Thyolo Hospital has set various initiatives such as Community awareness on general hygiene and sanitation, distribution of chlorine among others.

“The hygiene and safety that we follow in our villages should be the same that should be followed and done at the hospital premises.   So members of the general Community should be made aware and sensitised on the importance of living in a safe and healthy environment,” said Makina.

Speaking on behalf of the community members who took part in the exercise, Annie Phinifolo said that as the community they feel it is good to take care of public facilities in the district.

She urged members the general public is urged to exercise hygiene and sanitation for them to still be healthy and safe from Cholera.