MP Kingstone adopts girl who wore mask made from milk packet

Member of Parliament for Mangochi Central Victoria Kingstone has adopted a learner who wore an unsafe mask made from a milk packet.

According to Kingstone, she has traced the girl identified as Amina and will donate masks to her school.

Kingstone who is a member of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has also adopted the girl in a way that she will be providing for the child’s school needs.

“I have managed to trace this child and I will donate masks to school. I have personally adopted this child be assured I will be providing her school needs like uniform and other necessities. Allow me to thank the [girl’s] teacher for sending SOS. Be assured Amina is in safe hands now,” she wrote on her Facebook account.

Many Malawians commenting on the post have hailed the legislator for assisting the child.

Most children in Malawi resumed classes yesterday under the school reopening program. As part of Coronavirus measures, children are supposed to wear masks at school.

However, there are a lot of children in public schools whose parents cannot afford a mask.

The government has since been urged needs to intensify its efforts to ensure that children in public schools have access to face masks that are safe to use rather than ones that can suffocate them,


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  1. where in the world can this happen, why malawi, God help us.

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