Govt agrees to pay ex-employee K755 million compensation

The Government has agreed to pay K755 million compensation to a former Principal Secretary over unfair dismissal.

The former employee Christopher Makileni was redeployed to the Office of the President and Cabinet Special Duties in 2014 during the Peter Mutharika administration.

Part of the court order

Makileni then demanded compensation saying his official vehicle, a Toyota TX, was taken away and that he had stayed at home for months without being given any duties which he regarded as constructive dismissal.

According to an Industrial Court consent order dated 4 August, 2020, Makileni has been awarded K216 million as pension, K205 million for loss of motor vehicle, K270 million as salary before tax and K63 million fuel allowance.

The order was signed by Registrar of the court, lawyer for Makileni and Attorney General Chikosa Silungwe.

Meanwhile, social commentator Onjezani Kenani has faulted Silungwe for failing to challenge the court lawsuit.

Kenani noted in a post on Facebook argued that a brand new Toyota TX costs MK80 million but Makileni has been awarded MK205 million as loss of use of an official vehicle plus MK63 million fuel.

“No, not you, you cannot be compromised. Please challenge the Makileni case,” said Kenani adding that he will not stop until the interests of the poor are protected.




  1. Daylight cashgate for sure.This seem to be a new way of swindling taxpayer’s money.

  2. Please mr chikosa take the case to high court. I don’t feel it right for the secretary to claim 205million for tax.let you vent the cost and get the qoutation further more let the court revise the cost coz we recently purchased tax at Toyota malawi and everything costed us 90million.let them bring with solid evidence where these cost is arising from.this is what we call theft of tax payers money

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