FAM rebuffs NRFA’s early election proposal


Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has rejected a request from Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) to hold its Elective General Assembly in mid-October.

FAM General Secretary Alfred Gunda, in a letter dated 29 September, said the elections for the Executive Committee shall be held within 60 days after expiry of the 4-year mandate of the current executive. The mandate expires in November this year.

“The Executive Committee cannot unilaterally resolve issues on calls from its members let alone where the issue is to do with holding of elections before the end of its constitutional tenure. The   tenure of the Executive Committee is a constitutional matter and it is very clear under Article   24.1 that the length of the mandate of the Chairman and the executive Committee is four years.

“This tenure is constitutional and the Executive Committee cannot curtail it. Being a constitutional matter, the proper authority that can curtail the tenure of the Executive Committee are the members of NRFA at a General Assembly,” said Gunda.

He added that giving an executive committee such   powers would mean that the committee can also increase its tenure.

“So, the spirit of the NRFA constitution   does not allow the Executive Committee to discuss and pass resolutions that takes away the powers from the membership and that of the General Assembly,” he said.

He then advised the NRFA to call for a general assembly meeting where appropriate resolutions can be passed which must be properly reflected in the minutes.

General secretary of the Northern Region Football Association Masiya Nyasulu was not available for comment.

NRFA recently wrote FAM about plans to hold executive committee election on 18 of October.