Malawi Parliament rejects 206,000 condoms: ‘We are not here for sex’


Members of Parliament (MPs) have today rejected a donation of 206,000 condoms which the Parliament Secretariat received on Tuesday amid claims that 10,000 condoms are dispensed every month at the National Assembly.

On Tuesday, Parliament’s Health and Wellness Committee chairperson Maggie Chinsinga received 206, 000 condoms from Aids Health Foundation (AHF).

She said 10,000 condoms are used every month by Members of Parliament and visitors who access lavatories at Parliament Building where the condoms are placed.

Her remarks angered the MPs who argued that people will think that they go to Parliament for sex.

Legislator for Mwanza West Joy Chitsulo said claims that the q193 MPs get three condoms a day each will affect female MPs because there will be a perception that the legislators are in Parliament for sex.

“We don’t need condoms if we want sex we can buy.

“We are not here for sex, we are here to represent the people and bring development to the people out there,” said Chitsulo.

Kazombo in his ruling then ordered Parliament Secretariat to return the condoms immediately.

“We are an honourable August House and inthis house we debate issues that matter, not such petty issues,” said Kazombo.