MPs return donated condoms


Members of Parliament have today returned the condoms which were donated by Aids Health Foundation.

Speaking when he was returning the donation, Leader of the House said as legislators they don’t want condoms but what they want are masks.

He added that as MPs they can afford to buy condoms when they want because they have money.

The returned condoms

According to Chimwendo, the condoms should be donated to people who cannot manage to buy condoms

Chimwendo also disclosed that as members of Parliament they are dismayed by the report saying they use 10,000 condoms per month.

Chimwendo said this is a total lie since MPs are people with integrity and they are role models, therefore it’s not true that they do use such an amount of condoms.

During the event, Chimwendo was with   Democratic Progressive Party Chief Whip Vuwa Kaunda.

Representatives from the Aids Health Foundation were also at the press briefing to take back the condoms