Thyolo Councillors, Chiefs reject new DC Matchaya


Councillors and Chiefs in Thyolo have rejected new District Commission (DC) Medson Matchaya due to his unprofessionalism showcased in other districts.

The refusal comes in following Matchaya’s alleged bad record in other districts where he was posted.

Matchaya was last week transferred from Nkhotakota to Thyolo after council workers in Nkhotakota demanded his removal over unpaid salaries.

Council Chairperson for Thyolo district, Sandram Maulana, who is ward councilor of Khonjeni ward, said Councillors and chiefs want a new DC.

“Our refusal is not based on personal issues, but Matchaya’s unprofessionalism. We already heard that Matchaya was sent on force leave because of poor relationships he had with residents of Nkhotakota.

“So instead of that leave, the government is sending Matchaya here in Thyolo rather than resolving Matchaya’s issue at the local government ministry,” said Maulana.

He added that if the government sticks with its decision of transferring Matchaya to Thyolo, the council will discuss other alternatives since appointment of the DC lies in the hands of the government.

“We have already talked to the Principal Secretary for Local government about our disagreement with Matchaya’s coming though the secretary is adamant on the move of transferring him to Thyolo. And the secretary has said that if we do not want Matchaya, we will choose a DC at  our own risk,” he said.

Commenting on the matter, vice council chairperson, Owen Makondi, who is also ward councilor for Masenjere ward, concurred with Maulana saying they cannot work with a person who has a bad record.

“We want a new DC whom we can work with. He has already spoiled where he is coming from and government is sending such person to Thyolo as if Thyolo is a recycle bin.

“Government should hear us, we have rights of expressing what we desire. Hear us, we say no to Matchaya,” said Maulana.

Meanwhile, the councillors and chiefs have sent a letter to the Ministry of Local Government expressing their concerns.