Deputy health minister calls for collective efforts in COVID-19 fight


Malawi’s deputy minister of health has called for team spirit and proactiveness during the fight against COVID-19.

The deputy minister, Honorable Chrissie Kalamula Kanyasho, was speaking this on Saturday, July 25 after touring the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Kameza Quarantine Center in Blantyre and the Mwanza border post.

Kalamula (in black suit) during the visit

According to Mwanza border public relations officer, Inspector Pasqually Zulu, the deputy minister visited the premises to appreciate the efforts being done by frontline officers including key border agencies in the wake of COVID-19.

Inspector Zulu said upon arrival at the border post, the deputy minister was briefed on how border formalities are being done in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, Port Health Personnel at the formation took the deputy minister to various health sections where each and every traveller is screened to before being cleared by Immigration and M.R.A.

Kalamula also visited immigration and M.R.A counters to appreciate the joint efforts being done and the challenges which they are facing.

In her maiden speech, Kalamula indicated that she thought it wise to see the situation on the ground personally considering that a lot is being said through various social media platforms in relation to COVID-19 issues at the border.

She further indicated that she was pleased to see joint efforts on what is happening on the ground at Mwanza border and on how health personnel and other key border agencies are handling issues to do with COVID-19 in the course of monitoring, screening and surveillance of this deadly disease.

“I should admit that a lot is and has been said, but let me assure you that with the limited resources that we have as a ministry we will make sure that you get our full support considering that COVID-19 is real and your effort can never be underrated,” she said.

She further asked all key border agencies to help the Ministry in debunking fake news, in which she indicated that it creates panic to the general public.

Kalamula then appealed to all border agencies to ensure that issues to do with people getting into the country without following the normal procedure in this COVID-19 global health crisis have to be handled in a very careful and patriotic manner.

Chief Director of Health Services in the Ministry of Health Dr Charles Mwansambo who spoke earlier said he was impressed with how proactive Mwanza border is.

He further indicated that he got very critical and vital information very timely sometimes even as early as 1 am, which is an indication how dedicated the formation is to the nation inline with efforts to fight COVID-19 in the country.

The tour was attended by high profile government officials in the Ministry of Health who included Director of Clinical Services Dr George Chithope Mwale, Director of preventive health services Dr Storn Kabuluzi and also the Acting Deputy Director of Preventive Health Services responsible for Health Education services, Mr. Mavuto Thomas.

The District Commissioner for Mwanza Mr Michael Chimbalanga led the Mwanza team which included Dr Ireen Zuze Mwanza Director of Health and Social Services, Mr Felix Mkika O/C MWANZA Police, Mr A.K Kanyaza(A.C.I) O/C Immigration, Mrs B.Sumani Deputy M.R.AH