The new cabinet is a huge disappointment – analyst

Sidik Mia

A social commentator has described President Lazarus Chakwera’s cabinet as a huge disappointment.

The Malawi president on Wednesday appointed a 31 member cabinet of which other notable people include; MCP’s Sidik Mia, UTM’s Michael Usi and Zodiak Broadcasting Station’s founder Gospel Kazako.

In his cabinet, Dr Chakwera has also included Roy Kachale who is a son to former head of state Dr Joyce Banda, and the vocal human rights fighter, commander in chief Timothy Mtambo.

Reacting to the new cabinet, the analyst Wonderful Mkhutche said that this is just a pay back cabinet especially to those who fought for Tonse Alliance victory on the June 23rd fresh election.

Mkhutche said despite some being professionals of their positions, Dr Chakwera has appointed a cabinet contrary to people’s expectations and this will raise more questions amongst people.

“The new cabinet is a huge disappointment, far away from expectations as it has been assembled on the motivation of appeasement. Some are professionals in their portfolios, while most are not.

“This will depend on the leadership of Dr. Chakwera and Dr. Chilima for them to deliver,” said Mkhutche.

He has further blamed Dr Chakwera for roping in the entire Mia family comprising of Abida, Sidik Mia, and a cousin Halima Daud claiming this will paint a bad image of the 11 days old president.

“This was unnecessary. It a sign of appeasement in its raw form. The disappointment from most people has come in because most expected that we will move away from such kind of appointments, but it seems we are still stuck in the past,” he added.

The analyst has, however, commended the Malawi leader for including on the list Dr. Michael Usi and Gospel Kazako claiming these people are worth their positions and said ably deliver.

President Chakwera has also appointed Dr George Kainja as the new Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service and is to be deputised by Demister Chigwenembe while John Biswick is the new Commissioner General of the Malawi Revenue Authority whereas Dr Wilson Banda is the new Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi.