Regard everyone you meet as a potential Coronavirus carrier – Phuka

Chairperson of the Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus John Phuka says the rise in number of local Covid-19 transmissions means people should consider everyone they meet as a potential carrier of the disease .

Phuka said this on Thursday in a statement in which he announced 60 new Coronavirus cases and 46 new recoveries.

He noted that out of the 1,402 cases recorded in the country, 696 are locally transmitted while 640 are imported.

“In the past 14 days (from June 18 up to date), the number of new cases identified is 802 which is more than the total number of cases that occurred in the first 77 days from 2 April to 18 June when 600 cases occurred. This means the number of total cases has more than doubled in the past two weeks,” said Phuka.

He also noted that most districts in the country have recorded cases although many of Malawi’s cases have been registered in urban areas.

“Taken together, it means the number of cases is rising extremely fast and we have community transmission. In this state, it is important to regard everyone you meet as a potential carrier of the disease. This is important as out of 10 people infected with Coronavirus, 8 will not feel sick at all,” said Phuka.

He then urged people to follow social distancing measures, wash hands and wear masks.

Out of the 1402 Coronavirus cases recorded in Malawi, there have been 317 recoveries and 16 deaths.