Tonse Alliance women give APM 48 hours to apologise for insulting JB

Tonse Alliance women have given President Peter Mutharika 48 hours to apologise for insulting the dignity and womanhood of former President Dr Joyce Banda.

Speaking during a press briefing on Tuesday, Director of Women Patricia Mkanda who represented the Tonse Alliance women said it is sad that such derogatory language against former president is coming from the State President adding that it should not be tolerated.

“We as Tonse Alliance we are appalled by the recent remarks by President Peter Mutharika insulting and attacking the Former President Dr Joyce Banda. We describe such behavior as disgusting, shameful and disgraceful. The vulgarity to which the outgoing President has allowed himself to stood in a new low for our country, it certifies him as a chauvinist with no regard for the dignity of women,” said Mkanda.

She added that Tonse Alliance women are demanding an apology from the State President within a period of 48 hours.

“We as women of Tonse Alliance call upon President Mutharika to issue an apology to Dr Joyce Banda falling to do that within 48 hours, we will lodge a formal complaint with UN Women and demand that Mutharika be stripped of his designation as UN HeforShe champion.

“As Malawian women we cannot stand idly by as the Presidency of our country is used to launch a despicable attack on its first and only female occupation,” said Mkanda.

Mkanda further described Joyce Banda as a champion for women’s rights and that Professor Mutharika gall to defame her womanhood is a great travesty worthy of universe repudiation.

On Monday, during his first rally since campaign, Mutharika said Joyce Banda is a prostitute.