Lilongwe council orders market users to wear face masks

Lilongwe City Council has said that vendors and buyers in the central market and all other markets in Lilongwe city will be required to wear face masks  starting from Monday, 18 May 2020.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Lilongwe City Council, John Chome, said this has been established as one way of preventing the rise cases of Coronavirus in the city.

“To contain the increase of Coronavirus in the city, vendors will be required to wear face-mask, similarly, all buyers entering the markets will be also required to put on face-mask,” said Chome.

He further said that for this to be successful, he has urged tailors to be supplying locally made face-masks in the markets.

“The council is working to encourage tailors in the markets to make face masks which they will be selling at the entrance gates for those who may come to the markets without a mask,” said Chome.

He added that these measures have been taken to protect vendors and buyers all market users to adhere and respect the measures set.

So far, Malawi has registered 63 cases of coronavirus out of which 24 have recovered and 3 have died.