Chilima urges UTM supporters to get behind Chakwera

UTM leader Saulos Chilima has urged his supporters to vote for Tonse Alliance presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera, saying they should not be discouraged because the UTM president is not the torchbearer for the alliance.

Chilima, who is also vice president of Malawi, made the remarks at a Tonse Alliance rally in Mzuzu in Sunday.

The UTM leader was presidential candidate in the now nullified 2019 elections but for the 2020 polls, his party is in an alliance with Chakwera’s Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and now Chilima is a runningmate.

In his speech, Chilima noted that some of his supporters who want him to be president may be discouraged by the arrangement. He, however, encouraged them to understand that there can only be one president.

“I have paused my presidential ambitions in order to support Chakwera so that he should be president of Malawi. We will work hard to ensure that there is a government that benefits all Malawians, and not only a few people,” said Chilima.

He also warned UTM supporters that if they do not vote, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will continue ruling the country and abusing public resources.

He claimed that the DPP-UDF alliance seeks to benefit two families while the Tonse Alliance was formed with the aim of uniting Malawians and developing the country.

According to Chilima, plans which are in the UTM manifesto will still be implemented under a government formed by the alliance.

Malawians will vote in the 2020 presidential elections on July 2.


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  1. i am prophet w chisomo gwedeza i am here to tell you that God has told me that this coming elelections Dpp will not win mcp is going to take a readership for five years and government will turn back to Dpp

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