Chilima reminds supporters of UTM manifesto ahead of fresh polls


UTM leader Saulos Chilima stormed Mzuzu on Sunday where he reminded residents of his party’s manifesto which includes promises to create one million jobs, reduce fertilizer price and remove fees for water and electricity connections.

Chilima told the rally that UTM is still using its 2019 manifesto and will implement it if the party wins the 2020 fresh elections

He said the manifesto is aimed at making sure that everyone in the country is happy.

According to Chilima, his party will fix the health sector by among other constructing more hospitals and ensuring that drugs are available.

On agriculture, Chilima said UTM will reduce the price of fertilizer to K4,495 and introduce mega farms where some people will get employed and farmers will be able to sell their produce at a good price.

“Farmers are not slaves, their crops should not be bought at low prices,” he said.

He then noted that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has copied policies that are in the UTM manifesto citing the recent abolition of the quota system of selecting students to public universities.

He urged the ruling party to implement the other plans that are in the UTM manifesto.

“They should copy the whole manifesto. They should remove presidential immunity to fight corruption and they should rehabilitate all poor roads,” he said.

Chilima who is also vice president of Malawi further called on the DPP administration to ensure that contracts for transportation of fuel are awarded to local transporters.

Speaking earlier, former legislator Frank Mwenefumbo urged people in the country to vote for Chilima in the fresh elections

He said: “You have seen Chilima’s energy, intelligence and love for the country. Let’s vote for him because he will transform the country.”