Mwenefumbo endorses Chilima


Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) member Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo on Sunday urged people in the country to vote for UTM president Saulos Chilima in the fresh presidential elections scheduled for 19 May, 2020.

Mwenefumbo said this in Mzuzu where he attended a UTM rally at Mzuzu upper Stadium.

According to Mwenefumbo, Chilima started fighting for people’s welfare when he was at Chancellor College and can transform the country if elected as president.

He said: “You have seen Chilima’s energy, intelligence and love for the country. Let’s vote for him because he will transform the country.”

In the 2019 elections, Mwenefumbo was runningmate for United Democratic Front leader Atupele Muluzi who has now joined forces with President Peter Mutharika and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Asked why he did not follow Muluzi, Mwenefumbo said he belongs to AFORD which has been in an alliance with UTM since last year.

“Being a running mate doesn’t mean you join the party, I am still a loyal member of AFORD since I didn’t break any rule and that’s anyone can accept to be a running mate.

“Muluzi entered into an alliance with DPP because he is the president of UDF,” said Mwenefumbo who is former Member of Parliament for Karonga Central.