TB Joshua shocks husband: “A Strange man is ‘ENJOYING’ your wife


Prophet T.B. Joshua left a husband who visited the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) together with his wife shocked when he revealed that there was a man who was sleeping with her.

The strange man, prophesied the Nigerian pastor, was the reason the Tanzanian couple’s marriage was on the rocks.

The man claimed he did not have any affectionate his wife prior to the visit. TB Joshua said this was because she was not his wife before.

“She has a strange man that is disturbing her. She was not your wife before but now she is. When I say a ‘strange man’, it is this strange man who is enjoying her. She had married the man” Prophet TB Joshua told the husband.

The said the wife had been complaining that he could not sleep with her as he could not do anything.

“She has been complaining that I have a problem and I can’t do anything; that I could not do that [sleep with her]”

But in a twist of events, the SCOAN leader told the couple that the same strange man gave the husband, identified as Sulemani from Tanzania, a strange woman who he had been sleeping with.

“You suddenly found yourself strangely having an affair with a lady in the dream. It was the same man that gave you that wife.

T.B. Joshua also told the husband to make amends with his mother who was wrongly being accused of being a witch.

“They only use her image and appearance to do evil. People say she is evil, a witch but she is not. She is a good woman. She has suffered so much” prophesied T.B. Joshua.




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