Ansah should be blamed for her arrogance


Excellence is what everyone aims when trusted with a task at any organisation, church, company even at the national level.

Being given that thumbs up for the good job done is what gives pride to every person who has been given duties to do on behalf of others.

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Justice Jane Ansah together with other MEC commissioners were trusted to lead the controversial May 21 polls conducted lasted in Malawi.

As a country, Malawi expected the best from them and it was the  commissioners’ wish too that the nation should recognize them in such way. Ansah is on record that she was to throw her shoulders high once the electoral process of May 21 was completed.

“So… the truth will set me free and it is the truth that will come from this. After I have done all the work here, I will pat myself at the back and say well done Jane Ansah, you have done according to the law,” said Ansah.

These sentiments show that Ansah and the team of commissioners that led the polls a year ago, needed the best to come out from them and leave a legacy in this nation and not to be faulted for managing dodgy elections.

The wish of Ansah and other commissioners to be called the best on managing the elections, was later brought in a boxing box to fight with massive irregularities reported by opposition political parties.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and United Transformation Movement (UTM) challenged that wish of Ansah and colleagues through their bold stand that the elections were not conducted competently.

To show their seriousness on alleged irregularities, MCP and UTM led by their leaders Lazarus Chakwera and Saulos Chilima respectively took the matter to court.

As the matter was in court, Ansah faced calls to step down as Malawi Election Commission (MEC) chairperson, but that proved to be a run at one-point race as she kept defying the calls.

Evidence brought before the Constitutional Court convinced the five judges that the elections were marred with irregularities, and the judges nullified the election.

The use of correction fluid known as tippex and failure by monitors to sign important to assert the credibility of the elections were some of the evidence that Malawians are to set for another election after five months.

Was Ansah the victim of a situation?

The MEC chairperson together with other commissioners mounted their seats at the national tally centre, giving updates on how elections were being conducted in all parts of the country.

Ansah and the team were not on the ground using tippex and shunning signing of important documents.  It was the other polling staff who were involved in such malpractices.

Ansah has also been described as a failure because of the alleged “ghost computer users” in MEC computer system who was proving the results, since she is the leader of the whole team. Maybe she is someone who had no knowledge that poling staff were failing their duties, that tippex was hot business as it was needed in polling centres.

However, Ansah is to blame for the arrogance. With reports of irregularities, she should have stepped down and allowed “the truth to set her free” as she claimed.

The nation has been in chaotic state because of ugly sites during demonstrations against her stay in office as MEC leader.

With the Judges raising eyebrows on May 21 elections and ordering for the fresh one, Ansah should have stepped down by now because the truth has not set her free and it has cemented that she managed a dodgy election and announced unfair election result. This shows that she is super arrogant.