Man jailed 14 years for raping one-year-old baby


The Phalombe First Grade Magistrate’s Court on Thursday sentenced a 23-year-old-man to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour for raping a one-year-old baby.

The convict has been identified as Maxwell Galimoto from Mwaapa village of Senior Chief Kaduya in the district.

State Prosecutor Superintendent, Davie Muloza, told the court that Galimoto raped the minor on 27 January, 2020.

According to Muloza, the victim’s mother was preparing dinner in the kitchen, leaving her baby in the bedroom.

Galimoto then sneaked into the bedroom, took the baby out and raped her in a maize garden.

“Then he dropped the victim at her granny’s house and escaped before being arrested the next day,” said Muloza.

Police charged him with defilement for acting contrary to Section 138 sub Section 1 of the Penal code. Galimoto pleaded guilty to the charge.

In its submission, the state asked for a stiffer penalty to the offender, saying the case is serious in nature considering that the baby was severely injured.

Galimoto, however, did not raise any mitigation, a thing which prompted First Grade Magistrate Damson Banda to conclude that the convict was ready for any punishment.

Magistrate Banda then sentenced Galimoto to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour to deter would-be offenders.