HRDC accuses ex-MPs of greed


The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has blasted former legislators pushing for fresh parliamentary elections, saying they are being driven by greed.

HRDC chairperson Timothy made the remarks during a press briefing on Friday.

He said the former Members of Parliament (MPs) who want the court to nullify may 21 parliamentary results should stop immediately and move on.

“I want to ask the Ex-MPs who want the court to nullify parliamentary results that they better stop what they want to do immediately because this is greed. The MPs that wanted the court to nullify the results went to court last year just after election so why do the former MPs want the court to nullify the parliamentary results now? This is greed and it better stop,” said Mtambo.

After the Constitutional Court nullified the 2019 presidential elections on Monday, former legislators revealed that they are planning to go to court to ask the court to nullify results of parliamentary elections saying the pronouncement of court was clear that the whole electoral process was affected by irregularities.

The former legislators, however, rejected claims that they are greedy saying they are challenging the parliamentary election results based on the finding that the Malawi Electoral Commission did not competently manage the polls.

At the press briefing on Friday, Mtambo advised all politicians in Malawi to put the interests of people first in order to build and develop Malawi.

He added that people in Malawi have struggled for so long and that’s why they were holding demonstrations in order to change Malawi.

“So when making decisions, politicians should consider the lives of Malawians not theirs,” Mtambo said.