Drunk man drowns on New Year’s Day


A 63-year-old man drowned in Dedza on New Year’s after falling into a drain while coming from a drinking joint.

According to Dedza Police Station Deputy Spokesperson Cassim Manda, on January 1, 2020 the man Boniface Nickson who was a watchman went on a drinking spree on an empty stomach.

Later, the man decided to leave the drinking joint so that he should report for work at a time when it had rained heavily.

While on his way, Nickson was staggering and fell into the drain which had some water and he later died.

Passersby discovered his body in a drain and reported the matter to police who took the body to Dedza District Hospital.

Officials at the hospital conducted a postmortem which revealed that death was due to suffocation.

Nickson hailed from Chifisi village, T/A Kaphuka in Dedza.