36 alleged trafficked Malawians arrives home

Malawian nationals who were alleged to have been trafficked to South Africa have finally arrived in the country through Mwanza border.

These Malawians were alleged to have been trafficked

According to Mwanza border public relations officer, Pasqually Zulu, the group comprises three women and 33 men who are all in their late 20s.

Zulu said the deportees left Malawi using a Malawi registered bus on October 3rd, 2019 heading to South Africa to seek green pastures.

Whilst in transit, the bus which they boarded developed a fault and had a breakdown before Tete which took several days before fixing up the problem.

The Malawians opted to proceed to SA using a cargo van which they boarded in Tete.

However, upon arrival at Gaza roadblock 200Kms before Maputo, they were arrested by Mozambican security personnel for violating immigration laws and that was when it was revealed that among the group only 6 had passports whilst 30 had no travel documents.

Zulu further said after a joint verification exercise with Mwanza police counterparts, it was proved the there was no criminal element on the alleged trafficking.

Meanwhile, all the 33 migrants have been released upon being advised to use scheduled buses.

They have also been warned against travelling in such long journeys without travel documents.



  1. Zovuta kwambili chachikulu tingoti tikufunirani zabwino chifukwa mwafika kumudzi basi

  2. so why do you say trafficked meantime they left there home willingly.

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