Court bars airport demos

The High Court in Blantyre has today granted Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) an injunction restraining the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) from conducting protests in the country’s airports and borders.

The revenue collector applied for the court order to restrict organisers of the post-election protests from holding demonstrations within or near MRA’s premises at the borders and airports.

Hearing for the application was done yesterday and today Judge Jack N’riva has made the ruling after being convinced that the demonstrations will disrupt MRA’s day to day operations at the border and airports.

The revenue collector also expressed concern that the demonstrations will affect the country’s economy.

According to reports, Malawi will lose K1 billion if the HRDC goes ahead with plans to protest at the borders and airports for five days next week.

The coalition is demanding the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah accusing her of mishandling the May 21 elections.

This morning, government through Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi warned the HRDC not go ahead with the demonstrations saying closing borders is an act of aggression against the state and that borders and airports are protected areas.

On Wednesday, President Peter Mutharika ordered the Malawi Defence Force to use necessary force to stop the demonstrations.



  1. Bravo!!! Don’t let them destroy our country while we watch! This delinquent behaviour has to come to an end!!! We have serious problems in Malawi and we don’t need selfish men anywhere near the presidency. Both Chekwera and Chilma have shown that they would make disastrous leaders!!! Thank our GOD they never got inII

    How can anybody who cares about Malawi not get concerned about the disruption these demonstrations have caused??? How can you stand in front of every body and say “Musaope”. NOOO All you care about is yourself Chilma! you are not even clever about ikt.

  2. The unpatriotic HRDC have been taught the perfect lesson.

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