UTM supporters fight

UTM supporters have unleashed violence against each other over anti-Jane Ansah protests.

A camp of concerned UTM supporters who are against the protests were this afternoon roughed up by pro-demo groups of young people within the party in Lilongwe.

An initially planned press conference by alleged UTM youth ended in chaos as another sect of supporters stormed the premises before they beat up the leaders and some reporters at the conference.

It is said the organisers wanted to call on the Human Rights Defenders Coalition – HRDC to call off protests earmarked from 26th at the country’s borders and airports.

The UTM has previously endorsed the HRDC demonstrations as apparently they are part of a court case refuting the legitimacy of May 21 elections which saw them fall third to DPP and MCP respectively.

UTM spokesperson, Joseph Chidanti Malunga has expressed ignorance over the said youth grouping and said the party is not aware of anything of that sort.

Meanwhile, the High Court in Blantyre has granted an injection to the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) which was against the vigils to be held in the said locations.

Previous demonstrations, planned as peaceful turned violent as protestors fought with police, torched government facilities and stole from shops.

Although the HRDC has condemned the violence, arguments are still being placed that condemning isn’t enough as protestors have failed to conduct themselves in peaceful manner.