Malawi wants Mulanje Cedar, Nkula on protected species list

Mulanje cedar

Malawi government through the Department of National Parks and Wildlife has requested the Conference of parties for United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species to make Nkula and Mulanje Cedar trees protected species.

The development follows careless cutting of Nkula and Mulanje Cedar trees that puts the trees at risk of extinction.

Director of National Parks and Wildlife, Brighton Kumchedwa, has confirmed to have submitted a proposal to the Conference of Parties to approve a request to have Nkula and Mulanje Cedar trees on the protected species list.

“Malawi for the first time submitted its two proposals for consideration of approval to Conference of Parties, these are proposed listing of Mulanje cedar and Nkula trees species,” said Kumchedwa.

He explained that the Conference of Parties is to discuss on how they can manage and deal with wildlife trade.

The Conference is also to discuss on stopping poaching in protected areas in National Parks across the African continent.

Mulanje Cedar and Nkula trees have faced careless cutting following a high demand of timbers in the country.

Despite interventions to protect these two endangered trees, there has been a massive loss of the trees.


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  1. That’s a welcome development for Malawi, Eastern and Southern African Regions as well. Let’s join hands in making Africa a safe place to live………!

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