What is going on with the protests In Malawi?

Anyone who keeps up with the news will know that bad things have been going on in Malawi. Citizens have taken to the streets to protest. This comes after the recent election. The protests are likely going to continue for many days to come and they could go beyond that. However, a lot of people outside of Malawi know very little about what is going on and why it is happening. So, what is going on with those protests? Why are people rioting in the streets of Malawi?

The Basics

President Mutharika

First and foremost, it would be wise to learn about the basics of the protests. First, it should be noted that the protests are primarily taking place in the country’s capital of Lilongwe. The protests on Tuesday got out of control before troops rushed in. They were able to restore calm to the city. This is the latest round of protests. They come after the presidential elections. Citizens are not happy with the outcome and they want it known. Demonstrations have been going on since the elections which took place on May the 21st.

What Is The Purpose?

Now, it is time to find out the purpose behind the protests which has attracted more than 20,000 individuals in some cities. Well, it all has to do with the Electoral Commission chairwoman. People are angry over the way Jane Ansah handled the poll. President Peter Mutharika has been elected to a second term. He managed to beat MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera. However, a lot of people are upset with that decision.

They believe that the election was fraudulent. This is why people have taken to the streets.

The Claims

It is important to learn a little more about the organizers behind the protests. It is said that the Human Rights Defenders Coalition is behind the protest. The organization has called the rally the One Million March. Their goal was to draw millions of people to three cities to participate. Unfortunately for them, that has not happened. In the city of Blantyre, more than 20,000 people got involved. Fewer people showed up in the city of Mzuzu. Nevertheless, the protests have been successful.

After all, they have managed to attract attention from the media and the public alike. The problems started in the city of Lilongwe. It is here that the protests turned violent. At one point, the protesters set fire to a police vehicle. The military was deployed and calm was restored. Nevertheless, that didn’t happen until protesters torched vehicles and looted from nearby shops.

Was It Fraud?

In the past, there has been fraud over local casinos. Consumers just want access to a good no deposit bonus. However, the protests are more important this time around. As mentioned above, it is believed that the election was carried out in a fraudulent manner. Protesters believe that their candidate would have won the election had it not been for fraud. And, they’re placing the blame on Electoral Commission chairwoman Jane Ansah. They claim that she handled the poll in a bad way.

The opposition claims that the vote tally sheets were manipulated and that someone used typewriter correction fluid to make the alterations. The opposition has already taken the step of filing a lawsuit in hopes of overturning the election’s outcome. It should also be noted that the attorney general attempted to get the protests banned. That petition was thrown out by the High Court. Therefore, the protests were allowed to continue.

What Is Next?

Ultimately, the turmoil is far from over. There is a good chance that protests are going to continue for many months. After all, the president challenge is headed to the court. Is there is a chance that the election results are going to be overturned? In all likelihood, the answer is no. It is will likely be upheld by the court. And, what is going to happen after that? More people will take to the streets to protest that decision as well. Who can blame them? Malawi and nearby countries have been shrouded in corruption for many years. The only way to put a stop to the nonsense is for people to stand up and take to the streets. They’re finally trying to do that.