Water crisis hits Mlare Health Centre


Residents around Mlare Health Centre have asked Karonga District Health Office to end water crisis at the facility saying it is affecting health service delivery.

The call was made on Saturday when National Initiative for Civic Education Trust (NICE) introduced formulation of a Health Service Charter with financial support from Tilitonse Foundation, in the area.

Mlare Health Centre

A member of citizen forum, Kwame Munthali said it was pathetic to see the Health Centre operating without water for two years.

“We are wondering, Health Officers are the ones that teach about sanitation and hygiene, and without water I don’t think there can be hygiene.

“So why is it that a health facility is operating without water for such a long period of time?” he said.

Munthali thanked NICE for introducing a service charter which he said would hold service providers accountable.

Karonga Acting Director of Health Services, Dr. Phinias Mfune said besides Mlare, Kaporo and Katili Health Centres were facing similar water challenges.

“There is borehole at Mlare which run dry some two years ago. We have not been able to rehabilitate it due to inadequate resources. Of course it is not direct responsibility of the district health office to do it. It is the responsibility of council and department of water.

“We are involved because we are the direct beneficiaries. However, we are bound to restore the functionality of the borehole soon,” he said.

Mfune disclosed that his office has now found a partner to assist in maintenance of the borehole but they are yet to make assessment on the work around September 2019.

Story by Andrew Mkonda-Mana