Chakwera bars MCP supporters from court


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has told the party’s supporters to stop camping outside the court in Lilongwe to follow the Malawi election case.

In a statement read at a press briefing in Lilongwe, Chakwera said MCP supporters should start following the case on radios stations which have permission to broadcast the case live.

At the beginning of the case in June, Chakwera used to lead MCP supporters in a march to the High Court where a five-Judge panel Constitutional Court is hearing the case.

The group would then camp at the court to follow proceedings which led to complaints from the judges and lawyers that they were being disturbed.

With hearing of the case set to resume on July 29, Chakwera has advised supporters of his party to gather at MCP offices across the country and follow the case.

“On the day the trial starts, I am inviting all Malawians of goodwill to gather here at the MCP Headquarters and at other MCP offices in the regions and districts of the country to listen to the broadcast of the trial together.

“These will be our gathering points to follow the trial so that we do not crowd around the premises of the Court and interfere with the smooth progression of the case, for we do not want any conduct on our part to become a cause for delaying the case,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Constitutional Court is today hearing an application by the Malawi Electoral Commission which wants an injunction to restrain Malawi Congress Party and UTM from disrupting MEC’s meetings with presiding officers.

MCP and UTM are challenging the results of the 21 May elections managed by MEC in which president Peter Mutharika was declared winner.