MCP told to focus on 2024 elections

Amid continued protests against the May 21 presidential election results, one of Malawi’s political scientist has told the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) that it should start focusing on the 2024 elections.

The political commentator Wonderful Mkhutche said that although the court case is important, it is also imperative for MCP to start organizing the party in readiness for the 2024 elections.

MCP supporters with placards-Picture by Jordan Simeon-Phiri

Mkhutche said that the fact that Chakwera will not represent the party in the 2024 presidential elections needs to be considered with a sober mind claiming that it is now time for the party to consider searching for a new candidate for 2024 elections.

He continued to say that the party will regret the time it is profoundly spending on the case is the time it should start preparing for the 2024 itself will be too late.

“It is an open secret that Chakwera has been behind the revival of the party. Seeing that he will be leaving the stage, MCP must be greatly concerned. The present court case is important, but not as important as who needs to lead them from 2023.

“They must not get stuck with the present leadership through the ongoing case in court. By the time all this is over, the party may find out that it has lost its time on managing its past and present, forgetting its future,” Mkhutche said in interview with Malawi24.

MCP is challenging the outcome of the 2019 presidential election which the party says was rocked by many irregularities.

The opposition party wants the court to nullify results of the election in which Democratic Progressive Party’s Peter Mutharika was elected president.



  1. In African politics it is a well known thing, chilima you needed to humble yourself not way you acted believe you me those madala in dpp will make sure you don’t taste that seat but die with an ideal so just swallow it and plan better otherwise you will forever be matter what noise you make muzivuta

  2. That’s very true they are just wasting their precious time with whatever they are doing coz not even that court case won’t go in their favor. President is already in office they think he can be removed by who? It has never happened so what is special about them? Moreover it’s their selfishness coz they shared votes not that they were robbed nothing so just go back on the drawing board than acting. Mutichititsa manyazi. Are you sure chilima 4 mps you want to claim unabelewa ma vote how? That is straight forward it has never happened from nowhere you take over the presidency where? Grow people stop acting childish.

  3. Malawian should act together fighting for their rights, they been victims with this dam family for two long, Malawian should take law in their own hands, the judicial won’t help, they have been paid millions already

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