New MPs told to put constituents first


The Clerk of Parliament, Fiona Kalemba, has called on newly-elected Members of Parliament to be present in the chamber in order to contribute and make decisions which will impact on the lives of their constituents.

MPs during the workshop

Kalemba was speaking on Monday at the Bingu International Convention Centre where she opened an orientation workshop for newly-elected Members of Parliament.

She said the people of this country are looking forward to the legislators’ services and have faith in them to deliver.

Kalemba added that the MPs’ presence in   the chamber and committee and rooms is where they are expected to contribute and make decisions which will impact on the lives of millions of people that have confident in them.

She told the Members of Parliament that it is important that they should value functions of parliament although they are coming from different political backgrounds with varying political ideas.

The orientation is aimed at giving the MPs essential general information on government and operations and contemporary issues which are relevant to members.

It also introduces members to appropriate parliamentary skills, practices and procedures which are required in the chamber.

According to Kalemba, it is expected that after the training the legislators will be better equipped to understand their work and knowledge and number of areas.

In her remarks, International Political Consultant on Governance and Gender Margaret Curran told the legislators to be responsible and work according to the people’s demands.

Margaret asked them not to forget what they are as it is the beginning of their journey to serve Malawians at any cost.

This is the 6th Parliament of Malawi since 1994 when Malawi held multiparty elections following 31 one years of one party system.

The current parliament has MPs from 6 political parties and over 55 independent Members of Parliament.

There are 44 female MPs, an increase from 32 in the last Parliament.

Ou of the 193 members from the previous Parliament, only 64 have made it back to the House.