Prophet Bushiri quits: I am tired


…I did not know the other 2 people who died in that accident

South African based Prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, has come out with all guns blazing, saying he is fed up and  tired of being attacked and slewed like a criminal by Malawians.

Prophjet Shepherd Bushiri

Stressed! Bushiri quits on aiding Malawians

The Malawian born prophet and  founding father of Enlightened  Christian Gathering (ECG), is reportedly pissed off with allegations leveled against him on social media following the recent fatal accident that claimed the lives of James Nee and two other members of ECG, Beston Khamba and Brain Gondwe.

Bushiri, speaking through his publicist, Ephraim Nyondo, claims he feels underappreciated and has decided to send back most Malawians who were working for him in the Rainbow nation.

“Prophet Bushiri is doing so much for Malawi. However, it is shocking to note how he is attacked and slewed like a criminal” Nyondo has been quoted as saying by local media.

“He subsists so many people in South Africa. Nobody talks about it.But when something wrong happens to these people, all the blame goes to him. The death of James Nee, Beston and Brain is the case in point. Prophet Bushiri only knew James (the Church worshiper)” said Nyondo.

ECG James Nee dies in road accident

According to the publicists, Bushiri has come under heavy attack despite taking responsibility of meeting funeral costs.

“When that accident happened, Prophet Bushiri took responsibility of meeting every rising cost. Instead of being appreciated for it, people from Malawi are leading in attacking him. He is also a human being. He feels pain. He feels bad” wailed the publicist who said “cutting back on Malawi is the best thing Bushiri can do now”.

Update: Has Prophet Bushiri lied?

A video, currently going viral on social media, appears to reveals (through the arrows that have been perforated in) that Beston Khamba and Brain Gondwe who also lost their lives in that accident but have been disowned by Prophet Bushiri as his workers might have been ECG employees.



  1. please stop accusing Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,He is true Man of God,You people you try to find some bad things about him ,you tried by all means,But I don’t even remember scandal about him ,please please leave major 1 alone with peace

  2. Ashley, Candice and Chad….
    It is unfortunate to be told to read the Bible of which it is the same Bible that told us about Jesus who was persecuted and was even killed for being the Son of God. So beingobsessed about a being than even God will make ppl like you to look very deceived and stupid. We are told to imitate Christ and He never had a mere man as his father but God himself. So if bushiri is yo father does it mean God is yo grandfather??? If this your gospel doesn’t offer wisdom dear pls consult like king Solomon in 1 King. These are all the things God hates instead of sharing the good news that Christ still saves ppl are praisingva man, a man who is just like me and you…… Sad.

  3. Prophet Bushiri is a true man of God and people should just stop these false accusations.He loved James Nee as his very own son.

  4. I just feel like if anyone is really your topic of interest why dwell on the bad criticism(as if it exists anyways) and not mention the good things too. Be careful you all accusing my father of all those things, the bible says touch not my annointed ones… If you never read the bible maybe start there.

  5. I have not known prophet bushiri in person rather I have met his elder brother Rev. Otis Bushiri here in Cape Town, from the botom of my heart I know that prophet Bushiri loved James Nee so much. Therefore my heart tells me that all people abusing prophet Bushiri must stop that nonsense . I am very proud of his success as a citizen of my country and happy of his accomplishments. He is as heart broken as you are but he can’t show it to the word as he is a leader and also a figure . I am proud of him as our prophet , a leader and a successful business man of our country . I am not comenting because of his ss