Master of Ceremonies Trained on Financial Management

Master of Ceremonies

Old Mutual Malawi, a local financial service provider, has gone on a mission to help Mcees in the country on how to manage their money.

At an event held at Malawi Sun Hotel in Blantyre on Saturday, 27 April, the financial service provider offered a free training course to 130 members belonging to the Southern Region Master of Ceremonies Association (SORMACA). 

The move has been described by Old Mutual as one way of promoting financial literacy on personal money management and entrepreneurship while helping the careers of local emcees. 

Marketing and Corporate Affairs Executive for the financial service provider, Patience Chatsika, said that the emcees were trained using the company’s special module called “On the Money”, which she said dwells much on how best one can manage finances. 

We have taught MCs how best they can manage their finances. 

“As Old Mutual, we have organized this event to provide financial well-ness to emcees who are based in the Southern Region of Malawi and it is one of the platforms we have used to launch our bridal shower campaign but also to teach these MCs how best they can manage their finances. 

“This module touches on almost everything that one can do with their finances. We talk about savings, we talk investments, we talk about how you can manage your debts and also how you can manage your risks, that’s insurance. So these emcees are privileged today to go through this module,” said Chatsika. 

Additionally, Chatsika expressed her optimism that the training had assisted the MCs in changing their financial behaviour by kicking old habits and forming new ones. 

On his part, SORMACA President Patrick Kavina expressed gratitude to Old Mutual Malawi for the complementary training which he said has gained the emcees new insight into financial management. 

“The training has provided us with an opportunity to know more about how we can best manage the little money which we get after hosting events. This is an eye-opener and am hoping for a significant improvement on our end,” said Kavina. 

Kavina later encouraged non-member MCs in the southern region to join the association so that they could also be part of such crucial engagements.


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