Anglican Bishop declares Malawi ‘natural disaster in corruption’


The outgoing Chairperson of Anglican Council in Malawi-ACM who is also the Bishop of Diocese of Lake Malawi, Reverend Francis Kaulanda, says the country is in a ‘natural disaster in corruption’ urging electorate to elect transparent leaders during the 2019 elections.

The remarks were made in an interview last Saturday at Magomero in Zomba on the side-lines of the 157th Anniversary of the Anglican Church in Malawi.

Kalaunda: The country is in a natural disaster.

The Bishop said Malawi is bleeding from corruption from all angles and needs a leader who is tolerant, respects the rule of law and upholds democratic principles and the constitution.

He said: “Corruption is a disease and that we want a leader that should not entertain and tolerate nonsense. We need a leader who will not shield anybody suspected of corruption and any wrongdoing and not corrupt. Malawians wanta leader that will listen to the people and not being selfish. Leaders who will be able to fire his officials that will are connected to the vice and discourage nepotism.

“We demand leaders that will not intimidate his subordinates and be tough on corruption; stand on their ground to stop the practice.

“For example, in other countries such as Tanzania, the President does not have friends to protect; if they mess up, he doesn’t favour anyone or shield. A President needs to be faithful and visionary not only favouring his home boys. We need a strong leader that will end the sickness not only lessening. There is corruption in every sector be it in the judiciary, police among others,” he said.

According to the Bishop, the leaders should be loving, strong and should go by merit and capabilities when hiring people in positions saying he or she should to be exemplary and promote co-existence among Malawians.

The Anglican head also said there is modern slavery in Malawi as people are suffering due to hunger.

“Malawians should wake up and change their mind by seeing things differently so to have a better Malawi. We are in a crisis such as shortage drugs,” he said.

The bishop warned politicians to practice civilized politics and desist from political violence by avoiding usage of foul language and castigations. He added that politicians who are tired should quit the field and pave way for deserving leaders.

“Politicians should prioritise on giving people manifestoes rather than uttering bad words that can incite chaos. We want issue based politics. Chiefs should also refrain from politics and not bar other parties or candidates from holding rallies in their areas. They should make their own informed decisions,” he said.

In his remarks, Former Vice President of the Republic of Malawi, Dr. Justin Malewezi who was also guest of honour at the event said a good leader should have a clear vision.

“A Leader should have a vision, without it he or she will lead people nowhere. It is extremely important for a leader to explain how to get that vision and the opportunities that are there for him to take the group to that vision. He should come face to face with challenges and find ways to overcome in writing and plan ahead. A good leader should be able to delegate and give responsibility to others and train them accordingly.” he said.

On his part, Oswin Kasunda, Chairman of the Diocesan Committee, urged congregants to be united and love one other. He said people should cherish the history of the church to teach generation to come.

Magomero is the site of first Christian Mission in Malawi where one of the missionary, Reverend Burrup, was buried there.

The commemoration falls on 6 October every year and includes viewing of historical items laying wreaths under the theme, “Intentional Discipline Making”.

Anglican Church boasts of contributions towards the country’s health and education sectors.

Malawi has four Anglican Dioceses namely-Northern Malawi, Lake Malawi, Southern Malawi and Upper Shire.