Things falling apart: Nancy Tembo dumps MCP

Tembo Malawi Congress

The centre in Malawi Congress Party (MCP) can no longer hold as Nancy Tembo becomes the first to declare that she will go solo in the 2019 Malawi Parliamentary race.

Tembo Malawi Congress
Nancy Tembo: I quit

Tembo lost to Rhino Chiphiko in the primaries for Lilongwe South West constituency that were marred with several irregularities.

She declared herself a winner before the party moved in to declare Chiphiko as champion, a decision MCP publicity secretary, Maurice Munthali, said was reached after “objectively and painstakingly looking at the process, conduct and the results”.

The party said Chiphiko got 458 against Tembo’s 407 votes.

She said discrepancies included changing the venue of the primaries three times. Initially, the voting was supposed to be held at the MCP headquarters but on the eve of the elections the venue changed to MCP Regional offices and finally on the same eve to Sanguya Messas Lodge in Area 36.

Tembo also  lodged a complaint against the compilation of delegates  leading up to the primaries both from the area delegates and those from the whole constituency.




  1. You never defended MCP when MEC robbed it of a win in 2014. You think MCP has forgotten

  2. Typical of Meat for Crocodiles Party (MCP). Nothing good can come from it.

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