Girl with albinism escapes abduction

Police in Chikwawa are searching for a two suspected abductors who broke into a house and attempted to abduct an 18-year-old girl with albinism.

The victim shows the shoulder where she was hit.

Chikwawa police publicist, Foster Benjamin, has told this publication that the incident happened in the wee hours of Tuesday when two unknown people broke into a house of a sister to the victim at Salumeji Village under Traditional Authority Katunga in the same district.

The suspected criminals went straight to a sitting room where they found the victim sleeping.

“It is alleged that one hit the girl on a left shoulder with a blunt object, leaving her slightly injured.

“The victim shouted for help and aroused both her sister and members of the community,” explained Benjamin.

The two escaped unnoticed and police rushed to the scene after being alerted.

The law enforcers took the victim to the district’s hospital where she was treated as an outpatient.

Meanwhile, the girl, who is in Standard 7 at Namalindi Primary School, is in stable condition.

Police have since embarked on intensive patrols around the area to ensure total security to persons with albinism.

Since the year of 2014, there have been several reported cases within Malawi in which people with albinism have been abducted or brutally murdered.

It is reported that the criminals aim at extracting the victims’ bones with a belief that the bones have a magical power of accumulating wealth.