Mattress thief gets five years


NkhataBay First Grade Magistrate Court on Friday sentenced a 26-year-old man to five years in jail for stealing mattresses from a tourist.

The man Esau Banda was found guilty of breaking into a building and committing a felony.

Presenting facts, the state prosecutor sergeant Pachalo Nyirenda of Chintheche Police told the court that Banda committed the offence in December, 2017.

“Banda broke into a building and stole three double by six inches mattresses belonging to a British National Nina Roots who was based at Kande Trading Centre in the district,” said Nyirenda.

Appearing in court, Esau Banda pleaded not guilty to the charge which forced the state to parade three witnesses whose evidence proved the matter beyond reasonable doubt.

In submission before sentencing, Nyirenda pleaded with the court to give the convict a stiff punishment saying his conduct may have negative impact on tourism since the complainant is a tourist.

In mitigation, Banda asked for a fair punishment for he is a breadwinner and that he is suffering from skin rashes.

When passing judgment, his worship First Grade Magistrate Manson Phiri expressed great concern over Banda’s behaviour and he sentenced him to five years in jail.

Esau Banda hails from Mkaonda village in the area of Traditional Authority Fukamapiri in NkhataBay.




  1. Thys alots to be arrested b4 mattress stealer au joking?wht about k145 guyz what u gonna do with them alots of million the cashgates au missing yo mind dont be fake judge,i wld put u u in jail first

  2. Certainly defiantly absolutely sure,the judge is sick in the HEAD 3 mattresses and the sentence does not match Malawi is breeding stupid judges

  3. …. Eish 5years for 3 mistress… Now what about Mk145, 000,000. That deserves millions of years in jail…..

  4. This magistrate under influence. Five years for matress theft??? Nonsense. She has to be fired. Thats basic mischief and that person can be rehabilitated.

  5. Always small cases the jurges have power but to those who squandering the government money they just passing in right manner so always life is like that.

  6. Mukusiya anthu oba ma million ku boma and kumanga 5yrs oba matress. Shame says:

    Hahaha mukusiya anthu a cash gate kumanga koma oba matress. Shame

  7. Kkkkkkkk 5yrs for 3 double matresses,what kind of a joke!

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