Meme takes digs at Tay Grin


He is a man of hairdos. Name a style which Tay Grin`s head is yet to taste, well your guess is as good as mine, very few.

It does not surprise us when such an international star jumps from one style to another because that is all part of showbiz.

MemeNow look at what people have done, hold on. When he just got into the limelight, late 2007, he was characterized by one simple haircut which is popularly known as brush. It was until he became more popular across the continent, a few years ago when he started changing hairstyles.

Now that behaviour has become a subject of mockery for the country`s flag bearer. Albeit claims that he does not have time to react to the mockery, people cannot call it a stop in ridiculing Tay Grin over hairstyles.

A meme captioned “please don’t let Tay Grin see this” is circulating on social media. It shows a man in a very weird hairdo, a recipe for uncontrollable laughter.

This is not the first time for the Nyau King to be targeted in a meme. People have done that before, they are doing it, and only time will tell as to when this behaviour will be laid to rest.


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