MPICO boss launches elevator


MPICO’s Managing Director Damien Kafoteka has been mocked on social media for opening a newly installed elevator.

Kafoteka launched the lift at Development House in Blantyre. A Facebook post by the real estate company showed Kafoteka addressing delegates at the launch.

Kafoteka speaking at the event

A screenshot of the Facebook post has been shared widely on social media platforms with Malawians trolling the company for launching the elevator.

Commenting on MPICO’s Facebook post, some Malawians have described the launch of the elevator as pathetic.

“For some time, I stopped blaming politicians for the mess that this country is in. It’s the educated, the “intellectuals” that have always provided fertile ground for mediocrity, low standards. A CEO who had to drive 300kms, put up, probably in one of our over-priced hotels, to “inaugurate” the replacement of elevators on a dilapidated ordinary multi-storey building. Next time when a president goes to elevate a non-value adding chief, don’t be surprised,” said Benjamin Esau-Mkono.

“You mean people are celebrating elevators,” wondered Wilson Nandolo.
Theresa Malila said: “Sick – nothing to show for themselves. They are property developers. Is a lift a new invention or innovation? Akagwere ndithu.”

While Maggie Kathewera Banda chipped in: This was a waste of time and resources.”
However, some commenters supported the MPICO boss.

“He is an MD of a listed Property Company. Indeed he should spend some time ensuring functionality and operational efficiency of his core assets. There’s no customer management that beats that! It’s colonial and armchair mentality to think an MD should spend the day locked in his office pretending to look pretty and intelligent and, in the vain, your customers can’t access their offices in their building,” said Gibson Mapfidza.