Kamuzu Stadium turf glue, rubber in

Kamuzu Stadium

Glue and rubber, two materials needed for the final touches on the installation of the Kamuzu Stadium artificial turf, are in the country.

But football fans from Blantyre and surrounding areas will still have to exercise more patience as the re-opening of the Stadium could take place sometime in July and not this month as earlier expected.

Kamuzu Stadium

This has been revealed by Football Association of Malawi (FAM ) Turf Specialist, Jossam Namwera.

The stadium’s artificial turf was installed but completion of the work was halted due to the unavailability of the glue and rubber.

According to Namwera, the two materials have arrived in the country from Kenya and await clearing, upon which the work will resume.

“Finally the glue and rubber is in the country, currently at Mwanza border to be cleared. As soon as that happens, work shall resume because the experts are still in the country,” said Namwera.

He further added that the work could take about four weeks, but warned that the rain drizzles currently hitting Blantyre may slow down the work.

“All things being equal, four weeks is enough time to get the job done. But am a bit worried with the change of weather as Blantyre has started showering. Gluing and applying rubber do not go together with this type of weather, so we will see how it works out,” he said.

The stadium has been closed since last year, forcing Blantyre-based super league sides to play their home matches outside town, for a second season running.

League champions Be Forward Wanderers have found a home at the Balaka Stadium, while current league leaders Nyasa Big Bullets have joined Tigers fc by relocating to Mulanje Park after being evicted from Kalulu Stadium in Nchalo, Chikwawa.


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  1. The glue and rubber from Kenya is being cleared at Mwanza border? This does not make sense at all! If it were Karonga border it would make sense! Maybe someone can educate me on the routes from Kenya to Malawi!!!!!!

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