MCP supporter harassed for wearing party’s regalia


A video of a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) fan being abused by a DPP fan for wearing an MCP cloth has gone viral on the social media.

The video which Malawi24 has seen shows Isaac Osman popularly known as Ntopwa One abusing and suffocating an MCP supporter in Bangwe market in Blantyre.

Ntopwa abusing and suffocating MCP supporter.

The MCP supporter wore short sleeved shirt made from the party’s cloth.

Osman, who is a supporter of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), is seen in the video clip stripping the unidentified supporter and further told him not to wear it again.

Osman further took the cloth and used it to cover the innocent man’s face in a way of making him suffocate.

The suspected DPP cadet also threatened to deal with the MCP supporter if he is seen wearing the shirt again.

Several individuals who have seen the video have condemned it claiming it is likely to bring violence in the country.



  1. First he must know that Malawi is not in one party system.who gave him that authority? Dont push Malawians like that coz one day u will regret it. DPP is criminals party from above.the guy must go to court. Remember that all the parties they got young ones who can do u back ur shit but because they respect and love their country that’s why they re just looking and avoiding. In the video now makes me to believe what Kalua said he was kidnapped.shame my country for allowing ruled by foreigners leaders that’s the problem.

  2. Thus totally un welcome behaviour thus every old style of politics .mChidzamuona mchibande poomola ameneyo…….Sanayende

  3. This Osman idiot is a savage, most likely has not seen much of the inside of a classroom. He should know that Malawi is a democratic country and anyone is free to wear what they want. The DPP supporters are fast decampaining their party through violence, intimidation and insults. Let all peace- loving Malawians NOT support DPP anymore, it is a party of death! In particular, women, after their fellow women were insulted (Callista and Kaliati) should all quit DPP and support other parties. This Osman is no different from the other thugs Mchacha and Jeffrey. Down with Mutharika’s DPP!!!!!!

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