Zambians troll Mutharika for “opening toilet”


Zambians have mocked Malawi leader Peter Mutharika for “opening a toilet”.

Mutharika on Saturday opened Namilonga Community Technical Colleges and during the event he was shown various products students at the institution make.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika inspecting a toilet.

One picture from the event shows Mutharika inspecting a toilet. The picture has been shared widely in Malawi and it has become a source mockery for the president.

A Zambian Facebook page posted the image on Monday and claimed that Mutharika was officially opening a toilet.

Many people commenting on the post believed Mutharika was indeed launching a toilet and mocked the Malawi leader saying he was doing the work of a councillor.

“African heads of states. You can’t even delegate over a toilet sure,” said one commenter.

“That’s what I like about Africa. Even a toilet head of state should come and officially open ah Africa,” chipped another.

While one commenter said: “When its campaign time, you opt to officiate anything. Now toilet. Lol”
Several commenters however condemned the page for posting inaccurate information and clarified that Mutharika was actually opening a community college.



  1. Zambia, Malawi and we Zimbabweans are a family but I don’t understand why we chose to make differences, ndise anthu abodzi, wosasekana popeza chaona nsako chapita

  2. Kkkkkk Zambian they think they are in New York while we are together (tose tili ndiumphawi) that’s why thy jump our border for better life following those toilet, I was in Lusaka at there college zimbuzi zo kumba zija because there President never go around to see chitukuko kuti chikuyenda bwanji ,,he is always in the office ,when we say chitukuko bwana a bwele azaone osanena zaboza,when he is going back he knows about it(ndiye tipange chani pano) well done Peter I’m not DPP fan but now you changed my mind ,kamuzu banda traveled a lot too ,looking how people they were farming so what is the different here ??? Let them talk ,malemu Bingu say (let the work of my hands be my witness) thanks

  3. Dear Mr author ,don’t judge and put it like we all have mocked the president ..don’t get comments from few zammalawians and make it as I’d we feel the same way..when we had cholera a few posts here mocked Zambia but not all malawi did that and we could not say all malawi …don’t get your views from a few who have nothing to do but insult the president ..we are there who feel that what your president does is for you and malawi…don’t make a blanket statement …

  4. The toilet is part of the building and after all good toilet is a sign of civilization even Zambians go to toilet bravo big man tizibiba mtima Uli malo

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