Prophets are not meant to lead governments


President Peter Mutharika has called on the church to respect government saying church leaders are not meant to be rulers.

Speaking in Zomba during the 40th Anniversary of Zomba Theological College, Mutharika said if God had wanted prophets to lead government in the Old Testament, He would not have anointed Kings.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika: Church leaders are not meant to be rulers.

The Malawi leader however assured the church that his government will always listen to advice from faith leaders.

“That is why I agree with the recent pastoral letter from the Catholic Church on its focus on morality and change,” Mutharika said.

The president then called on church leaders to be the change they want to see in their church members. He observed that church leaders cannot change souls if the faith leaders have not changed.

Mutharika added that people who are involved in corruption and other crimes are members of the church hence the first place to end moral decay is the church.

“While Government leads society with policy, the Church should lead the same society with a whip of moral principles. When there is moral decay in society, we expect the Church to lead in guiding society,” he said.

Mutharika also advised the church to be a source of sound advice.

“The church should be an instrument of unity. Where there is division, let us bring harmony. Where there is disagreement, let us bring understanding.  The church should make us instruments of change. Where there is need for change, let us be that change.  Where there are problems, let us bring solutions,” said Mutharika.



  1. With due respect to the president, he must not touch an area that he is not knowledgeable about. King David was a prophet and a priest. There are others that I can mention. It takes deep revelation and understanding of the word as you study it.
    The perfect plan of God was to have nations ruled directly by God himself through Prophets as His spokespeople but the Israelites wanted to have their own King as other nations were doing. By doing that they rejected the plan of God. My president, it was not like this in the beginning!

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